Centaline Charity Run – Charity with Joy

Centaline Charity Run – Charity with Joy

Jointly organized by Centaline Club, am730 and the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Centaline Charity Run took place at the Hong Kong Science Park in January, 2017.  There were more than 1400 runners entering the run, including 75 visually impaired runners and Mr. Gray Leung.  Mr. Leung had made the best record in the visually impaired group of Hong Kong Marathon.  Each visually impaired runner was led by another runner.  In a pair, they had different experiences during the Run but had got the same passion.


It was an honor to have Mrs. Fanny Law and Mr. Matthew Cheung officiated in the kick-off ceremony and award presentation ceremony respectively.  Mrs. Fanny Law is a member of Executive Council.  Mr. Matthew Cheung is the current Chief Secretary for Administration and served as the Secretary for Labour and Welfare

Teams from Centaline also entered the Run and showed their strength in 10KM Men (group). Our Kwai Tsing Team was the champion while OIR Team was the first runner-up and Hunan Team was the second runner-up.


There was a carnival after the running competition, with over 30 booths including those hosted by the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association and Centaline Property.  Other booths were featuring on games, handcraft and food.  Besides, there were attractive stage performances.  BINGO, visually impaired singer Li Xuan, and Malevos Tango were our guest performers.



After deducting all operating costs of the event, the funds raised would be used to optimize the library and descriptive video service of the Hong Kong Society for the Blind.




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