Grand Dance Drama - L'Amour Immortel

Grand Dance Drama - L'Amour Immortel

圖1:The committees of Centaline Club and dancers from HKDC celebrate the success of L'Amour Immortel.

L'Amour Immortel, the annual grand dance drama of Hong Kong Dance Company(HKDC) this year, successfully performed in Hong Kong Culture Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. Centaline Club as the sponsoring partner of the opening performance, Mr.Addy Wong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Asia Pacific, Centaline Property,  joined the opening cocktail party before the show. The guests on the list included:


Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration,

Ms Michelle LI Mei-sheung, JP, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services,

Mr Wilson Fung, Chairman of HKDC,

Mr Yang Yuntao, Artistic Director of HKDC, and;

Mr David Tsui, Executive Director of HKDC. 


                  Last year, HKDC won the applause from another annual grand dance drama: Storm Clouds Return. This year, L'Amour Immortel  took the role. In 2015,  L'Amour Immortel    was already the winner of Hong Kong Dance Awards 2016: Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer, Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer and Outstanding Set Design for Dance. The applause from L'Amour Immortel in 2015 brought her back to HKDC's stage this year. Let the audience  again immerse in the atmosphere of the most enduring story from the literary classic Strange Tales. 



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