Gold Member click here to apply tickets for The Cantonese Opera "The Legend of Mulan"

Gold Member click here to apply tickets for The Cantonese Opera "The Legend of Mulan"

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Prepared for 2years, Youth Connect Foundation Limited & Fung Cheung Hung Troupe proudly presents the Cantonese Opera "The Legend of Mulan". As the first Cantonese Opera performs with 3D projection in Hong Kong, 20 premiere shows were held in August with full house.

Another chance for Centaline Club member to watch the show, sponsored by Centaline, we would like to invite our members to enjoy the performance:

 “The Legend of Mulan” programme details:

Date and time:

(1) 10Jan2020 (fri) 7:30pm

(2) 12Jan2020 (sun) 3pm


DurationAround 2.5 hours


Venue: Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District


Cast: Wai Chun-fai, Leung Siu-ming, Song Hongbo,Yuen Siu-fai, Liu Kwok-sam, Wong Chun-Keung, Diana Tse Hue-ying, Ng Lap-hei, Mo Hua-min 


Remarks: 2 tickets for every valid gold / silver member, tickets on first-come-first-serve basis

(Person below age 6 and wheelchair seats not admitted.)


Ticketing method:

Interested gold / silver members can login to Centaline Club via or Centaline Club ios/android app since 11AM 16Dec2019(Mon), not valid for phone reservation, tickets on first come first served basis while stock last.


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