Romantic Concerto Evening was successfully hosted Members responded enthusiastically and immersed in the charm of concerto music

Romantic Concerto Evening was successfully hosted Members responded enthusiastically and immersed in the charm of concerto music

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Centaline Property and the 10th anniversary of Centaline Club, Centaline Group fully sponsored the “Serenade & Concerto Series - Romantic Concerto Evening” presented by Hong Kong Piano Music Association and performed by Hong Kong Symphonia. In late July, over 500 Centaline Property App members, Centaline Club members, and honorable guests were invited to gather in the Hong Kong City Hall, feeling the romantic charm of the concerto and celebrating the music event. The scene was altogether lively.


Blockbuster guest supported Audience applauded endlessly

The concerto’s cast was a deep squad, inviting international successful musicians and singers, and it was definitely an uncommon musical event over a year. In the evening, the internationally renowned pianist Choi Sown Le acted as the music conductor of the orchestra, leading Hong Kong Symphonia to perform classic repertoire and exerting the tacit understanding between conductor and orchestra. The talented young piano girl Zou Jingyi was responsible for piano performance. As a student of the Manhattan School of Music, she played with great skills, sometimes passionate and sometimes smooth, delivering the essence of repertoire to the audience. This time the committee invited a special guest to come on the stage, and she is Hong Kong Opera Queen Jiang Hua. Back in the 60s, she was the first Chinese soprano to perform in the Rome Opera House. When Jiang came on the stage, the event was hit and reached its climax. The whole hall burst into applause after her performance. All audience was moved by the bright treble and pushed the atmosphere to the top. 


Classical repertoire led the audience to feel the charm of the concerto

The whole hall anticipated the most was the Piano Concerto No. 1 by Felix Mendelssohn, one of the most representative and famous composers in the German Romanticism period. With the rising and falling to the tune, the melody expressed the emotions’ free transformation, and the emotions progressed gradually, fully presenting the unique characteristics of romanticism. The melodies were pleasant, featuring integrated personality while expressing the pianist’s attainments. Besides that, the fest included an impressive variety of orchestral music, Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini by Rachmaninov, Triple Concerto in C Major Op.56 by Beethoven, Concerto for 2 Violins by Bach, and some other famous repertoire. Multiple instruments played together seamlessly and every part was connected. All performances impressed the audience and made them fully immersed in the classical music night.


“Serenade & Concerto Series - Romantic Concerto Evening” was successfully held, Centaline Property and Centaline Club are very grateful to spend the fantastic music fest with more than 500 members this summer. More member events and activities are coming, and Centaline will bring more fun to feel and embrace life. If you have not registered as a Centaline member, download Centaline App now and finish the simple registration procedures to obtain the Centaline Club Silver membership. More surprising privileges and benefits are offered to our members, come and join us now!


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