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KENNEDY TOWN & MOUNT DAVIS 38 Belcher’s Street


Lowest Price
$ 6.87 M up
Ref no. : 2038 Advertisement Date : 17/05/2022
First Sales Date 20/11/2021 Estimated Material Date 26/02/2023
No. of Units 341
Management Co. Supreme Management Services Limited
Holding company of the Vendor

Vendor: Harvest Treasure Limited Victory Land Management Limited City Precise Limited Well Metro Development Limited Holding companies of the Vendor: Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited Assets Garden Holdings Limited Triplex Fortune Group Limited Ample Talent International Limited Silver Radiance Limited Wheelock Properties Limited Myers Investments Limited Wheelock Investments Limited Wheelock and Company Limited Wentel Investment Limited

School Net

Primary School: 11

Secondary School: Central and Western District

Project Information

No. of Tower: 1 Saleable area: 229-1,000 sq. ft. Layout: Studio, 1 room, 2 rooms and special units

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Ref no. : 2038 Advertisement Date : 17/05/2022

KENNEDY 38 Information

KENNEDY 38 is located at 38 Belcher’s Street, KENNEDY TOWN & MOUNT DAVIS. Developer of KENNEDY 38 is HENDERSON/SUN HUNG KAI/WHEELOCK. The number of units is 341. The Primary School Net is 11. Secondary School Net is Central and Western District. The estimated material date of KENNEDY 38 is 26/02/2023.

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KENNEDY 38 Latest Transaction

Registration Date Address Layout Transaction Price Saleable Area Unit Rate Source
29/04/2022 Kennedy 38 31/F Flat C - 14.68M 456 32,200 Land Registry New Property
12/04/2022 Kennedy 38 6/F Flat F - 7.21M 264 27,300 Land Registry New Property
06/04/2022 Kennedy 38 22/F Flat B - 8.85M 287 30,826 Land Registry New Property
23/02/2022 Kennedy 38 26/F Flat F - 8.04M 264 30,468 Land Registry New Property
09/02/2022 Kennedy 38 30/F Flat C - 14.33M 456 31,421 Land Registry New Property
Kennedy 38 38 Belcher's Street 31/F Flat C
Land Registry New Property
456 ft²
Kennedy 38 38 Belcher's Street 6/F Flat F
Land Registry New Property
264 ft²
Kennedy 38 38 Belcher's Street 22/F Flat B
Land Registry New Property
287 ft²
Kennedy 38 38 Belcher's Street 26/F Flat F
Land Registry New Property
264 ft²
Kennedy 38 38 Belcher's Street 30/F Flat C
Land Registry New Property
456 ft²

KENNEDY 38 1st Hand Trans. Record (Land Reg.)

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KENNEDY 38 Sales Status

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KENNEDY 38 Floor Plan

KENNEDY 38 of Kennedy 38 2/F KENNEDY 38

KENNEDY 38 Location

831440, 815990

2016 Population By-census

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