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University Heights

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Lowest Price
$ 91.87 M up
Ref no. : 1996 Advertisement Date : 07/12/2023
First Sales Date 20/10/2021 Estimated Material Date --
No. of Units --
Management Co. Sources Fame Management Limited
Vendor / Holding company of the Vendor

Vendor: University Heights Holding Ltd.| Holding company of the Vendor: Chinachem Investment Company Limited, Hoi Tung Investment Company Limited

School Net

Primary School: 11

Secondary School: Central and Western District

Project Information

University Heights on Kotewall Road in the Western Mid-Levels characterized by modern design using building materials like glass walls to highlight the lines and curves of the architecture. University Heights offers 72 typical units with 3 to 4 bedrooms.

Hotline 8300018883000036
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Ref no. : 1996 Advertisement Date : 07/12/2023

University Heights Information

University Heights is located at 42 KOTEWALL ROAD, MID-LEVELS WEST. Developer of University Heights is CHINACHEM GROUP. The Primary School Net is 11. Secondary School Net is Central and Western District.

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University Heights Latest Transaction

Registration Date Address Layout Transaction Price Saleable Area Unit Rate Source
03/11/2023 University Heights Tower 2 16/F Flat A - $254.3M 3,237 ft² @$78,560 Land Registry New Property
07/07/2023 University Heights Tower 1 8/F Flat B - $66M 1,508 ft² @$43,767 Land Registry New Property
28/06/2023 University Heights Tower 1 12/F Flat A - $82M 1,506 ft² @$54,449 Land Registry New Property
19/05/2023 University Heights Tower 1 11/F Flat B - $81M 1,584 ft² @$51,136 Land Registry New Property
09/02/2023 University Heights Tower 1 10/F Flat A - $80.8M 1,508 ft² @$53,581 Land Registry New Property

University Heights 1st Hand Trans. Record (Land Reg.)

University Heights Sales Status

  • Coming Soon
  • First Sales Date
  • Sales in Progress

University Heights Floor Plan

University Heights of

University Heights Location

832582, 815877

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