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Centaline Group focuses on the real estate agency sector while providing several related services such as property management, surveying and valuation, mortgage brokering, asset management, financing, immigration, data information and application software development. Centaline Property is the flagship brand of the Group while Ricacorp Properties, Baoyuan Property, and CentaPro are well-known sub-brands. Expanding its service arms in the Asia Pacific Region, Centaline Group is the pioneer and innovator in the field of property agency and related professionals.

Centaline Group is based in Hong Kong and developing its core business across China. With 40 years of development, the Group has over 2,000 branches and has now extended its service arm to over 100 cities in China, including Hong Kong and Macau. In order to build up a network in the Asia Pacific area, Centaline has also set up its branches in Singapore and Taiwan.

With the Taoist way of management “natural non-intervention and letting things take their natural course”, Centaline Property has developed as the top real estate agency brand in Hong Kong. It is also the main player in the real estate agency sector of China, with the business model originated from Hong Kong and localization of management teams. With its professional practices and integrity, Centaline Property has won the trust of consumers.

The benefits of synergy are realized with the collaboration of divisions, brands, and companies in different domains within the Group. The remarkable sales records made by Centaline Property have demonstrated its dominance in the industry.

Centaline Group puts the corporate social responsibility in the heart of our business, abiding by code of practices and leading the industry development in a proper way. We have committed to the market transparency by providing first-hand information to the public and reference to the government. On top of donation and sponsorship, the Eagle Club and volunteer team under Centaline Property contribute to the community by participating in or supporting different charity activities. The Group also set up Centaline Charity Fund to alleviate poverty and support education programs.

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