About Us

Being courteous and generous is the essence of the Chinese culture. It is also the principle upheld by the management of Centaline Property. It helps Centaline to recruit and maintain top sales persons as well as expand its service arms to Asia Pacific region. In the present, we have over 1,800 branches across 38 provinces and cities in China. There are also branches in Singapore.

When we celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2013, we established Centaline Club. It is running with the principles developed from being courteous and generous, 3C, i.e. Centaline, Care and Culture. It is also an interactive platform for our clients, our salespersons and our program partners.


  1. To share knowledge of property markets through regular events and seminars;

  2. To share the joy and fun in quality life;

  3. To offer privileges to our existing and potential customers.